How Fast Are The Keys?

Our keys are the fastest available on the market. If you're still wondering, they read at over 11 megabytes / second. That's as fast as you'll find anywhere. We know, because we've looked.

How Does the TravelKey Protect Me?

The TravelKey boots the host computer into a secured Linux environment. This environemt has been locked down completely, and Linux security is among the highest available anywhere. Google, Facebook, and 80% of all web servers on the net exposed to the hazardous environent all run Linux servers.

Can I Run the TravelKey in Windows?

Yes, you can run TravelKey Elite in Windows. The TravelKey Elite has its own secured Windows Program loaded when inserted into a running Windows computer. This secured program allows you to access your encrypted data, surf securely, and scan the host computer for viruses and rootkits.

Can I run the TravelKey in OS X (Mac)?

Yes, you can run the TravelKey Elite in Mac OS/X too. The TravelKey allows secure, encrypted internet connections through VPN services, and access to saved files.

Who Uses the TravelKeys?

Everyone! Doctors, lawyers, financial planners, activists, travelers, anyone who moves around a lot! The TravelKey is the easiest way to secure any computer you may come into contact with. It's also a great way to secure your own home computer.

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